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Play Royal Heroes game online
Royal Heroes 01/27/2022 03:41 AM CST

The kingdom has been affected. The country is infested with black magic and horrible creatures that emerge from the shadows. 

In Royal Heroes, you must assemble an army of heroes and weaponry in order to combat and defeat the armies of monsters who have enslaved your country. The kingdom was great once upon a time. Is it possible for you to make it fantastic once more?

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 This is a strategy, warfare, conquering, and magic game set in a fantasy country besieged by invading monster armies. Begin by collecting knights, archers, and magicians from the local tavern, then use your tactical talents to arrange your soldiers in battle formation. You gain experience for your troops and resources to hire new soldiers, enhance their equipment, and upgrade their talents as you beat hordes of goblins and other terrible opponents. 

You can also combine captured resources with blueprints found in battle to create new gear with which to crush your enemies! As you continue through the game, you'll be rewarded with additional army kinds to command (and more foes to destroy!) as well as badges to show off your battle expertise. 

Royal Heroes is a stunning game with graphics reminiscent of the old Warcraft series, and it requires a strong understanding of strategic resource management and field tactics in order to progress and win. So put on your spurs, brush up on your spells, and give those goblins hell in the name of king and nation. Charge!

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